Woman in a Red Apron Holding a Mushroom Cloud in a Teacup

After Franco Aceves Humana’s painting,

“Ama de Casa en Paisaje Radioactivo”


Red is a dressy color

I don’t wear it around the house

just to wash dishes      


As for the mushroom cloud,

I have to take

what the world hands me

and contain it

in digestible size


while standing poised

and well-coifed


smiling over my teacup

as if the disasters

all around

would leave me untouched


Shielded by my red apron,

I am safe from the

radioactive waste

excreted wholesale

and promiscuous

from the rotting belly

of war


Come into my kitchen

for a merciful cup

The tea leaves will tell us

if we survived.




copyright Kimberly White 2005

published in Comstock Review



Collage Art