Pele Speaks

Parts of me have dropped into the sea


I made the water boil

just by dipping in my toe

If I chose,

I could immerse myself

in a saltwater bath

and evaporate the entire sea


coming down, out of my mountain

wearing my lavaskin dress

I am well-fed by the time

my toes reach the sea


at home, in my molten depth


I perfect the deeds that create

solid earth from my flames


do not expect to hear my secrets

they are not revealed

in the crackling wood

and the burning grass

they are not written

on the smoke-stained sky

the salamanders who guard

my volcano rims

do not know how to speak

and hearing me now

through a demented poets pen

does not give you license

to play with fire


I give the earth a scalier skin

swept bare with my red-orange broom


parts of me have dropped among the stars




copyright Kimberly White 2005

published in Drumvoices



Collage Art